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The Inheritance

Every life has brokenness and heartache. Every life is stained with suffering and loss. The question that most often rises from the human heart is, "If God is good, why is life so hard?" In the midst of our pain and struggle, there is a hope.


In The Inheritance, Johannah shares the captivating and true story of her great-great grandfather J. Wilbur Chapman, the famous evangelist who partnered with Dwight L. Moody. He penned the beloved hymns One Day and Our Great Savior. He carried the marks and scars of suffering but found God to be his ever-present help in trouble. In telling his story, Johannah couldn't help but tell hers.


Though they lived one hundred years apart, their story is timeless and their message is timely: uncover your heart, tell your story, walk courageously in your calling, and leave an inheritance of love and truth to those who follow behind.