Praise for The Inheritance

“Johannah Mackin has presented a life in mid-journey, full of hope, prayer, pain, and perseverance. Any parent, any person will benefit from her admissions, honesty, and her surrender to the God who desires our good. She uses her own story to reveal the human story of the courageous struggle we must all go through to add more to life than we take from it. We need more of such encouragement in a world where the light of life can be dimmed by how we run from our neediness..” 


Chip Dodd, author of Voice of the Heart, Needs of the Heart, and the Perfect Loss

“I probably should be studying for finals but instead I can’t stop reading.” Grace M

"I am certain you will enjoy getting to know Johannah from the pages of The Inheritances as much I have in her everyday life. The stories she tells will no doubt inspire you to share your life with others. If you read one book this year, make it The Inheritance."


Ron Kairdolf

Pastor, Christian Life Church

Murfreesboro, TN

“So raw and real and vulnerable. I didn’t want it to end.” Rebecca B

“The Inheritance was such a beautiful summary of

what God has been ministering to my heart,

the end of me. This is a story about an ordinary

man who understood that the only way to live an

extraordinary life was to surrender it to Jesus,

every bit of it. His life was a gift to thousands,

and the inheritance to his descendants. Jojo,

as I lovingly call this extraordinary author, takes

us through the highlights of his life by creating

a parallel with her own story. Get ready to laugh

and cry, while your heart melts in wonder to the

love of Jesus and your soul awakens to seek more

of him. What is your inheritance? What are you

leaving behind? Get yourself a copy of this

marvelous masterpiece!" Geyzel G

“Johannah’s book, The Inheritance, stopped me in my tracks! It is a beautiful love story...trickling down from the Father... to her my children and to me. We each are called to share our “inheritance.” Johannah was our son’s teacher when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. God steps into each of our lives in different ways and she tells her story so beautifully! So beautifully, that it will inspire you to tell yours! It certainly has made me more willing to share mine. “ Jean Alyne D

You have a story to tell. Don't you thin

It’s taken me almost a lifetime to realize that I have inherited a spiritual fortune, stretching far beyond a trust fund or antique furniture. I am the great-great granddaughter of J. Wilbur Chapman, author of the famous hymns One Day, Glorious Day ("living he loved me…") and Our Great Savior. He ministered with Dwight L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and hundreds of other world changers to bring the gospel to many cities and countries around the globe.


When I began to write a book about his remarkable life,  something was missing. It felt disingenuous to tell his story and leave mine out. I knew in writing about his life, I would have to write about mine. Honestly I was afraid to look back on my life. What if I found the pain I'd been hiding from? What if I was ashamed of my past and who I'd become because of it. Even deeper still, what if I found a treasure there under the soil? If I could find the trauma maybe I could find the treasure also. I started to say a phrase over and over in my mind, and it stuck. "If you can locate your pain, you can locate your purpose." I really believe there's something in our pain that's waiting to be discovered and it has to do with finding our purpose and telling our stories. 

Pain and loss have lengthy chapters in the stories of our lives. How we reconcile with our past often determines our future.  Will we bury our stories in barren ground or resurrect them for the world to read? It will take courage and strength. There's a treasure waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Read The Inheritance. It will inspire you to open the pages of your own life! 


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Johannah speaks all over the country encouraging, equipping, and teaching  others how to discover their story. She believes that our stories are inviting and intimate and meant to be shared. God doesn't erase chapters. He keeps them and uses them for our good and for His glory. To book her at your next event, fill out the Contact Form below.


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